Our collaborators at the GERAS Centre for Aging Research (Geriatric Education and Research in Aging Sciences), McMaster University in Canada have previously designed, developed, validated and published results related to a web-based Fracture Risk Scale (FRS) developed for use by Canadian General Practitioners working in RACFs.

The FRS was designed to be used at the time of admission and as part of routine ongoing care, to help manage the risk of fracture in residents of RACFs. It is now routinely used in Canadian RACFs.

To increase fracture risk identification in Australian RACFs, we’ve developed a web-based version of the FRS, called Break Free, for use in Australian RACFs. We anticipate that the use of Break Free will increase the identification of fracture risk in newly admitted residents in Australian RACFs and in residents following admission.

The Break Free tool will also provide tailored management recommendations for individual residents for consideration by health professionals.

How to participate

If you’re a health professional who practises at a RACF and are interested in participating in the assessment of this tool, send an access request to contact@aimss.org.au.

Access Break Free

If you’ve already received the login details – access the Fracture Risk tool here.

Access Break Free